Easy Slab Concrete Ceiling : (persistence)

Easy slab structural ceiling one of the strongest , safest ,most optimized ,fastest, lightest and most economical ceilings among current ceilings .some of  advantages of this ceiling are formatted and placed armature shortly and implemented in place without needing small beam and block (concrete ,clay , yonolit)
In this method, because of installation tubes which pass through the ceiling, customizable pumice can be eliminate. 

Feature of Easy Slab Concrete Ceiling in Compared with Current Ceiling:
1)elimination of pre-construction small beam ,block (clay ,cement and yonolit) as well as construction stages ,transport ,discharging ,stocking , transporting floors etc.
2) not facing executive and supervisory problems regarding small beam or block which usually are made outside of workshop and often do not have necessary standards. As well as eliminating latency , transport to distant place and so on
3)prompt molding for using tight modular mold and equipments.
ceiling format are completely waterproof , vibration has been done completely and prevent leaking concrete water of thereupon. highest pushing persistence of concrete achieve in this ceiling.
4) ceiling format are completely waterproof , vibration has been done completely and prevent leaking concrete water of thereupon. highest pushing persistence of concrete achieve in this ceiling.
5)High persistence against earthquake (implementing this ceiling in place, diaphragm is made with highest rigidity which makes structure and ceiling function against earthquake properly).
6)Concrete cover all over the ceiling results in the highest persistence against fire and corrosion .
7)Dimension increasing possibility in beam openings.
8)Security and safety of workforce due to observing safety standards and lightness of equipment.
9) The possibility of installation passing through the ceiling and subsequently eliminating usage of pumice on floors.
10)The possibility of elimination of minor beams in comparison with steel deck and composite ceiling
11)Decreasing dead load weight of the structure due to elimination of block , pumice usage , plaster and soil.
12) Thermal and sound insulation because of the vacuity between false ceiling and easy slab
13) Precise supervision on fitting consumption by monitoring device until the last moment before concreting work
14) Using structural ceiling as expose, also the possibility of hidden and halogen lights installation and decreasing possibility in knauf consumption in finishing.
15) . Fast ceiling implementation and also ceiling concreting decrease which have remarkable time reduction.
16) . eliminating expensive or heavy pvc like ( expanded metal , knauf, Aluminium  ,so on)and affordable hometech produces false ceiling.
17)Decreasing in direct and indirect expenses of the project.
Easy Slab Concrete Ceiling:
A super light and optimized ceiling with ability to cover big opening which can be implemented in building with steel and concrete structure.

   (c )                                                                    (b)                                                              (a)
a.Mesh and placing  piles
b.Installing  easy slab molding  
c.Stocking easy slab with minimum occupied

            (c )                                                                    (b)                                                              (a)
  1. ) Thermal mesh and installation of spacer for concrete cover
  2. Easy slab ceiling after placing armature and ready for concrete work (suitable cover for concrete and the possibility of precise supervision and investigation of all fitting before concrete work
        c)Ceiling concrete works, no leakage of concrete water due to precise fastening of moulds   

Easy slab ceiling after opening the moulds (the molds is designed in the way that will never stick to concrete and the finished surface of concrete is very smooth)

Easy slab ceiling can be implemented in bilateral and hollow-shaped in addition to one-side slab (if so bigger opening can be covered)

Using easy slab ceiling in interior design of expose concrete
In this ceiling, after embedding installation tubes, false ceiling can be installed. expanded metal false ceiling ,knauf ,PVC and so on are installable in this ceiling .however, Homtech group has innovated a false ceiling which is so light and economical. This ceiling is a combination of a special plaster, additive, polymer fibers and expanded metal which leads to decreasing of sound passing, fire delay, damp resistance and decreased of collapse during earthquakes. It can be installed easily among small beams by using glue or masonry materials in the same level and two-side connection between main ceiling and false ceiling is provided This connection is so strong and the false ceiling will never separate from the main ceiling .False ceiling is covered by white plaster without any plaster and soil .In addition, it is possible for patterned panels to be installed on this ceiling.
Description: chart 1.jpg
chart 1.corrosion resistant of different ceilings   Chart2. Fire resistence of different ceiling

Chart3. Weight of different ceilings km/m

Ceiling Construction: Easy Slab 2 (stable)
Slab –easy stlab2 –is in the category of grid bilateral systems (hollow bilateral slab)with slab polymer mould in which polymer blocks replace non-structural
Concrete in the middle of ceiling in the gap between meshes of above and below bars. Hollow slabs with T-shaped section have been used for so long have been utilized in many inner city and public building such as universities ,conference halls and offices, easy  slab2 ceiling with I-shaped section ,is improved system of  T –shaped hollow slab that has beam compensated its week points such heavy weight, constructing and …
Load bearing strip which are designed in hollow slabs- easy slab 2-are in fact perpendicular I-shaped beams that are capable of bearing and proper control of rise in high opening because of their high hardness and lightness of slab.

Super Light Combined Hayat Wall:
One method of lightening building is decreasing weight of walls .using these walls for inner and peripheral wall is an example of this method. these walls are of the most stable , safest ,most optimized ,lightest and most economical existing walls in comparison with clay ,HYLKS,3D panel, plaster panel ,light  concrete , lika(gravel), foam and so on. Combining stabilized materials and using fibers, this wall results in no collapse during earthquakes and equipment can be passed through it easily. Because of physical features of utilized materials, it is heat and sound resistant ,can be installed easily and fast and plastering can be eliminated.
Hayat Walls are three-layer ones and are available in three types with different thickness 8,10,12 cm as following:
1.mineral bilateral composite internal walls with polystyrene core ,reinforced by expanded metal for internal H1 walls.
2. bilateral super light concrete wall with polystyrene reinforced core ,with expanded metal for internal and external walls, toilet, kitchen and places which are exposed to direct damp H2
3. one side mineral composite and one side super light concrete walls with polystyrene reinforced core with expanded metal for view walls an ability of sand and cement, plastering major elimination.

Hayat wall  walls and polystyrene core reinforced with galvanized
Advantaged of Using Hayat Walls : (free wall )
 Very Light :
This walls(internal and external) weighs 35 to 48 kg per m2 which is more lighter in comparison with current walls.
If light weight of Hayat wall walls is considered in primary calculation of the structure, consumption of steel and concrete will decrease at least 10 to 20 percent in comparison with current walls. In deed, regarding cutting down on steel ,concrete,….expenses, this wall is considered free for mass producers.
Description: chart3.jpg
comparing weight of different walls based on kg/m2
Thermal and cryogenic insulation materials:
This feature leads to decrease in energy consumption during hot and cold seasons of year .as total thermal waste of walls and air infiltration determines heat consumption of a room which will be the base of choosing thermal convertors such as radiator , fan coil and so on , it is obvious that if heat transmission co efficiency of building wall is low , heat waste rate will be low too, and this results in a reduction of about 30 percent in primary investment relating to installations section.

right image shows heat waste in the summer ,and the left one shows this in the winter from ceiling ( above),walls (right) , windows (left), floor ( down) and air infiltration (right down) in building
Does your chosen wall observe requirements of conserving energy?
First of all, you should know that these days, designing based on saving energy is compulsory for all the buildings under construction. One of the most important items of this issue is installation of external envelope of the building which includes peripheral walls. For example, Tehran, Tabriz, Tebilisi , Batumi, Baku and Isfahan need an average energy with thermal resistance for building surrounding walls of at least 1.5(m2. k/w). However according to the table below thermal resistance of Hayat Wall walls is 2.18(m2.k/l) is higher than what is necessary.
2.18 0.789 0.043 0.31 0.3 TERMALL RESSISTANCE

Sound Insulation:
Decreasing of sound entering to building is a key factor in keeping health and comfort of building dwellers. Celular structure and air distribution pattern in this wall reinforce sound insulation to a great extent.
Moreover, being multiply, mineral composite wall is main factor in reinforcing sound insulation.

Sound safety by using Hayat Wall walls in building
Fire Resistance:
External walls which are consisted of mineral combinations are one of the best fire resistant materials.
By increasing plasticity and flexibility, these panels are resistant enough against cracking from minor structure movement and thermal construction and expansion. The problems regarding inadequate resistance of light walls during earthquakes will be solved by making plastic joints beside columns.
Increasing Physical Persistence:
Using polystyrene in the wall core as well as the air inside in this core increases pushing ,tensile and bending strength substantially .also using fiber glasses and other additives reinforces external envelope persistence as well substantially.
No Collapse in Earthquakes:
Due to use of net and fibers (combination of pushing and tensile), this wall operates like windshield and does not break by hitting. Therefore, the second factor of death during earthquakes is eliminated.
Facility and Speed in Transporting to Floors and Installation
Connection between these panels is with special glue and does not need galvanized reticulation like knauf and dry walls. In average, an experienced working team install 60 m2 of these walls per day


Implementation of brick view on the external wall (on one side mineral composite and on the other side light concrete) Hayat Wall
Brick wall clay leca Silex Heblex 3d panel Hayat Wall
10 25 25 25 25 50 60

Comparative table of products implementation speed (based on m2 in 8 workings hours)
Elimination of Masonry Materials and Stucco:
Masonry material are eliminated totally in this system, and this system has become a dry system.
result International standards The kind of experiment Row
120minutes BSEN 1634_1
Fire Resistance 1
505 dB=Rw 8834_1
sound Resistance 2
1.67(m2. k/w) ASTMC 1363 ,
Heat Resistance
Proper BS8200 , DIN4103
Hard strike object 4
Proper without collapsing 11429
Soft strike object 5

Table of experiment results
The Possibility of Installation Tube and Electricity Wires Crossing Through the Wall:
All the electric and mechanic installation tubes cross easily through these walls
Being Sanitary and Compatibility with Human:
Due to thorough sealing and elimination of electric charge because of plastic core, absorption of dust and so on is prevented. Moreover, as a result of polished surface and additives, insects are prevented to influence to the walls
 Economic Efficiency:
Having many advantages, this wall can be one of the most popular walls in terms of technical issues and reasonable price. As a whole, direct and indirect expenses of this product are more lower than previous traditional and industrial methods.
Installed Hayat Wall wall( Arta Hotel, Gheshm Island)
Combined super light Hayat Wall walls
Necessary tools:

Combined Super Light Hayat Walls
Necessary tools:
Plastic bucket, plumb, spirit level, pallet knife, rip saw, thread, aluminum profile, plastic hammer, trowel, drills circular
Step 1_ providing special glue powder and mixing with water, making balance level and installing vibration isolator on the floor, ceiling and body to prevent crack
Step 2_ cutting lower edge of panel for better connection on the floor and installing the first panel with regard to horizontal and vertical balance and installing antenna connection
Step3_installing temporary lintel, the wall on it and separating the lintel after finishing Hayat Wall walls installation and
Step_4 in this stage jointing is down firstly then installations are installed, filled with glue after finishing and finally the wall is ready for final covering.