Hometech architecting group which is affiliated with Azhianeh engineering company, started its activity in 2006 by professional, committed and experienced team. Significant motto of this company is  innovation in various sections of building projects such as Architecture, Structure, Mechanical and electrical installations, project management, Cost control, Optimization, and using of updated achievements in building industry.
One of the most important Consultant and designer tasks is responsibly planning. Plan should  be completely operational and  basically Optimum and economical. This company Creative and experienced engineers could apply and implement different projects in the best possible way inside and outside of country. These group activities are as follow:
Architectural Design
Creative and various designing by using innovative energies, Various architectural styles according to international standards, is the  main goal of this company designing. Our Architecture professionals believe that an architectural design should be dynamic, coordinated with modern world technologies and national building regulations especially in topic 19 (energy saving) must be fully observed.
Principled and safe designing besides creating a sense of security for the building beneficiaries, is able to increase building monetary value. Safe building is not necessarily uneconomical but both safety and economical factors must be priority for designing method of each building’s designer. Seismic rules observing and optimization of building, one of the most principles in designing,  is Expertise of this company chartered engineers.
Project Management
Appropriate implementation with lowest costs and least possible time is a science named project management which its application in construction projects must be done by technicians In order to impose least financial and time burden. Our experts in this subject, can present optimizing project implementation within resource management by using modern methods of project management science.
Implementation section
In this section of group, Our engineers by using of latest technologies and building implementation methods and updated  materials  have ability of finishing and brickwork   implementation with best conditions in Square meter format, wages type, contracting management or supervision.
Ceiling production and lightest walls ( Hayat wall, easy slab)
According to importance of modern and high quality materials in different building sections, Homtech succeed to patent and exclusive ceiling production and lightest walls (Hayat wall, Easy Slab ) after many years researches.  (for more information please refer to products catalogs  or our company website).
Hometech is proud to fulfill your dreams by presenting modern engineering services in all designing sections, management and project implementation.